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I always pictured myself going out in a blaze of glory. 

Dammit! I told myself to pace, to savor the episodes, and make them last! And what do I do? Finished the whole season in a few days. Aaaaaaahhhhh!! But it was so worth it. Loved learning about the characters. I havent watched a show that made me sob uncontrollably or jump up and cheer before. That ending was fricken awesome!!!!

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To be honest I thank my moms. She and my grandparents raised me. My father was a no show. My mother showed me how to hustle and become a woman at an early age. I do what I have to do not what I want to do. Im working hard now so that by the time Im 30 ill be driving in Bentleys and maseratis. Im joining the military and I plan on going to business school. And ill be making a over a half a million dollars a year by the time im 24. #blessed #hustlegang

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